Top 10 Common Mistakes

  • Boring Opening Paragraph
  • Overly Brief Statement
  • Unnatural, Verbose Language
  • Poor Spelling and Grammar
  • Lack of Structure
  • Re-Listing Information Already Provided
  • Lack of Academic Focus
  • Too Career Focused
  • Lack of Passion for the Subject
  • Too Generic

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Our Personal Statement Editing Sample

Why Would You Need a Personal Statement Editing Sample?

sample personal statementMany applicants fail to put enough care into their personal statements and this is a huge mistake. Often your personal statement is the one thing that will allow you to stand out and get noticed so it really does need to the best that you can make it. Even a single mistake or poorly worded sentence can make it seem like you are not completely serious about winning that place.

None of us write perfectly which is why you will always need to edit and proofread your writing if you want it to be of the right standard. But reviewing your own work is never easy as we often overlook issues that will stand out to the committee. By looking at a sample of a personal statement however, you can get a good idea as to what you need to do.

Why Would You Need a Personal Statement Editing Sample?

sample of a personal statementWhether looking at a sample of a personal statement or the results of editing you will be able to see the very exacting standards that are expected. You need to use perfect English and avoid many mistakes that applicants often make when writing their statements. By looking at our examples of editing and our sample statements you will be able to see not only how your statement needs to be formatted and laid our but also what needs to be covered within your writing.

Examples are great for guidance and for getting ideas for your own writing but you should never copy even part of the samples that you see. Firstly these samples are not going to be personal to you and targeted towards the position that you are applying to. Secondly if you are caught copying you can be very sure that you will not gain the place that you want.

Guide to Editing Your Personal Statement

editing personal statementThere are many examples of personal statement help online, however not all are as good as they should be. You do need to look at any sample critically to ensure that it is meeting the standards that would be expected. The following are some of the things that should be covered within your editing:

  • Have you opened with an attention grabbing hook that will draw in the reader and get their interest?
  • Does your statement have a logical flow like a story that keeps the interest of the reader?
  • Have you avoided the use of any form of cliché within your writing?
  • Are there any obvious statements or information that is elsewhere in your application?
  • Is the language used clear and easy to understand?
  • Have any acronyms, slang or overly complex words been used?
  • Is the writing about you? This is a personal statement.
  • Is the writing concise or is it full of filler?
  • Are all points raised relevant to gaining a place?
  • Are there any spelling, punctuation or grammatical errors?

We Can Edit Your Personal Statement

personal statement editingIf you have looked at our sample and feel that you either don’t have the skills or the time to craft a personal statement for your application then we can help. We offer expert writing through staff that have many years or experience with writing application essays as well as being holders of postgraduate degrees in the fields within which they offer support. All of our support is delivered on time and to the highest of standards. All writing is fully unique and our editing and writing services are put through proofreading by fully certified experts to ensure that the text is perfect.

So if you are looking for highly effective personal statement editing that you can trust to help you get noticed just contact our experts here today!