Top 10 Common Mistakes

  • Boring Opening Paragraph
  • Overly Brief Statement
  • Unnatural, Verbose Language
  • Poor Spelling and Grammar
  • Lack of Structure
  • Re-Listing Information Already Provided
  • Lack of Academic Focus
  • Too Career Focused
  • Lack of Passion for the Subject
  • Too Generic

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How to Check Personal Statement Undergraduate

writing a personal statement for graduate schoolThe Importance of the Personal Statement Undergraduate Applicants Submit

Applying to an undergraduate program usually requires submitting a personal statement. It is part of the application package that many students tend to overlook and don’t spend much time on. It is a mistake to underestimate how important the personal statement for undergraduate admission is to your application. Many undergraduate programs have more applicants than available openings and the personal statement may end up being the determining factor in whether or not you are accepted. The personal statement for university application answers some questions that admissions have that can’t be answered by transcripts or test results.

What you ought to mention:

  • Why you selected this particular program
  • What personal experiences you have gone through and why you chose this professional field
  • How you differ from other applicants and why they should take you

Schools like to admit students who with good academic qualifications but they also want students with a sincere interest and desire to pursue a career in their field. Demonstrating a high level of commitment is more than just saying that you have a high level of commitment to your personal statement. Undergraduate admissions want you to demonstrate it with the information you include and with how you present that information. If you are unsure how to do that our personal statement essay editing service can help.

How Our Personal Statement Editorial Services Can Help Improve Your Personal Statement

personal statement for undergraduate admissionWriting a personal statement for undergraduate school or personal statement for PhD is often the first exposure students have had to the personal statement and you may not know exactly what to include or how to present your information. We can review your statement of purpose and determine if changes need to be made and what those changes are. One of our professional editors from the same field you are applying to will check every aspect of your personal statement including the structure, flow and content among other things, and suggest revisions that will improve the statement. Every editor we use has a PhD and a considerable amount of experience with personal statements and the entire application process. They know what admissions want to see and how to present it in the most effective way. All revisions must be approved by you. Once revisions have been made the personal statement is proofread and checked for plagiarism before being sent to you. Here is an example of a personal statement for an undergraduate accounting program:

“Your days here are numbered” are the first words my first accounting teacher every spoke to me when he slammed his book on my desk. It was the first day of class and the first five minutes and I was in trouble already. “That’s right, this is beginning accounting and the time you spend here is all about numbers.” It was quickly apparent Mr. Jones enjoyed accounting and bad puns. I made my decision to study business accounting during my third year in high school when I took that introductory class in business accounting. It is hard to say whether or not the puns had anything to do with it.

Math has always been one of my stronger subjects and I enjoy working with numbers. The way accounting always balances when every number is recorded correctly appeals to me. An accounting degree will also leave the door open for several different career paths I am considering without forcing me to make a decision at the this time.

I have taken every business class my high school offered. My part time retail job involves some bookkeeping duties as well as working with inventory records. Although I am not involved with all aspects of the stores accounting practices I have gained some experience. I am a member of my schools business club and this year was the treasurer.

After earning my degree I would like to pursue either a MBA or work towards becoming a CPA. Currently I am leaning towards the CPA path but am not fully decided yet. I am looking forward to learning all I can about accounting and feel I will do well in your program if accepted.”

Our personal statement editorial services include anything from basic proofreading up to a complete personal statement check. Undergraduate program acceptance may depend on the personal statement you submit. A good personal statement enhances your chances of getting into the program you want.

Great Personal Statement for Undergraduate Admission and Great Benefits

personal statement undergraduate

Our services first priority is to ensure you have a great personal statement. However, it isn’t the only benefit we offer. Using our service includes:

  • All orders completed before the deadline
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  • No clients’ names/order details disclosed
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Contact us for a personal statement undergraduate that improves your chances of being accepted into the program you want!

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