Top 10 Common Mistakes

  • Boring Opening Paragraph
  • Overly Brief Statement
  • Unnatural, Verbose Language
  • Poor Spelling and Grammar
  • Lack of Structure
  • Re-Listing Information Already Provided
  • Lack of Academic Focus
  • Too Career Focused
  • Lack of Passion for the Subject
  • Too Generic

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Checklist for MBA Personal Statement

The MBA Personal Statement Could Be the Most Important Part of Your Application

MBA programs are among the most popular of all graduate programs as well as among the most competitive to get into. This makes the personal statement for MBA application extremely important as there will be times that it is the deciding factor in applicant selection.Your personal statement essay for MBA application must answer some questions that admissions have about every applicant.

They would like to know:

  • How good of a fit will you be in the program?
  • What your level of commitment to the program is?
  • What has motivated you to pursue an MBA?

In a competitive program like the majority of those offering an MBA, there will be many more qualified applicants than there are available openings. When selecting among applicants who are equally well qualified the personal statement suddenly carries much more weight. There is no way to predict when the personal statement for MBA admission will be used to choose between candidates. You should adopt the view that it always will ensure you are prepared. One way to improve your MBA personal statement is to make use of a good essay editing service like the one our company provides.

personal statement for mba applicationHow Our Editorial Services Can Help with Your MBA Personal Statement

Our service offers a statement of purpose editing as well as proofreading and revision services that can make your statement stand out from all the rest. With so many candidates for MBA programs, it’s easy to get lost in the crowd of other applicants. The professional editors we use for editing MBA personal statement have MBA degrees of their own. They also possess extensive experience working with a personal statement for MBA programs or personal statement undergraduate and every aspect of the application process. They know what admission directors want to see in a personal statement as well as the most effective way to present the information.

Your Perfect Personal Statement for MBA Admission

Here is an example of an MBA personal statement we can come up with:

“In order for my career to progress on the path I have chosen, obtaining a MBA and the skills that go with it is essential. To be competitive in most fields a global perspective is necessary. An ever-growing number of companies consider a MBA to be an essential qualification to apply for management positions.

I completed my degree in Business Administration at State University. After graduation I took an entry level sales position with Acme Telcom, a midsize telecommunications firm that manufactures and sells switching equipment. During my 8 years with Acme I received several promotions with the last being Southern District Regional Sales Manager. At this point I am no longer able to advance with Acme due to company policy regarding education requirements.

I considering a transfer to another company as there have been offers but any available position would have been a step down or at best the same as the one with Acme .By this time I was aware of the need for an MBA and negotiated some terms with Acme to accept a lesser position while working on my degree. Acme is expanding on international fronts and should I complete an MBA on schedule I will be slated for one of the divisions.

Completing the MBA program will allow me to continue to grow with the only company I have worked for since graduating college. I am fortunate to have the opportunity presented by Acme, but even if it had not been an MBA would still be a necessity. My goal is to eventually head the European marketing division for Acme with an eye towards managing its entire marketing program at some point. The MBA program offered by your institution focuses on the areas I am most interested in developing my skills in while providing the flexibility to continue my education and remain employed.”

A well written paper by a personal statement editor may not guarantee you will be accepted but it won’t hurt. A poor personal statement will hurt your chances.

mba personal statement

Advantages of Using Our Personal Statement Editorial Services

The advantages you gain with our service begin will getting a high quality personal statement that is mistake and plagiarism free. Other advantages include:

  • Guarantees of full customer satisfaction and on-time shipment with all work we provide
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Contact us for an MBA personal statement that makes the right impression and helps improve your application chances!

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