Top 10 Common Mistakes

  • Boring Opening Paragraph
  • Overly Brief Statement
  • Unnatural, Verbose Language
  • Poor Spelling and Grammar
  • Lack of Structure
  • Re-Listing Information Already Provided
  • Lack of Academic Focus
  • Too Career Focused
  • Lack of Passion for the Subject
  • Too Generic

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A Guide on Checking a Personal Statement Master

The Importance of the Personal Statement Master Degree Program Applicants Submit

The personal statement for master degree program application can be the key to whether or not you are accepted into the program. Many graduate level programs are competitive to get into and personal statements can end up being the thing that makes the difference. The first thing to keep in mind for the proper check is plagiarism and its consequences, that’s why you will have to learn some UCAS similarity detection rules before starting to write.

The personal statement for grad school is meant to provide admissions with the answers to several questions that they have about applicants:

  • Tell about your career and study goals and why you pursue the Master’s degree
  • Prove with arguments why you are ready to complete such a challenging course and what motivates you
  • Cite a few reasons why you are suitable for the program

How you provide the answers to these questions in your postgraduate personal statement or MBA personal statement will influence admissions in their selection of applicants they accept into the program. One of the ways to increase your chances of being accepted is to improve on your personal statement for master degree programs before you submit it. The editorial services our company provides are able to do this for you.

How Our Essay Editing Service Can Help with Your Postgraduate Personal Statement

postgraduate personal statementOur service specializes is editing, revising and proofreading of the personal statement. Master degree program applicants who feel the need to improve the personal statement essay they submit can use our essay editing service and improve their odds of being accepted. The professional editors we use have PhD degrees and are assigned only to those personal statements that are in the same field as their own. They have extensive experience working with personal statements at the masters level and are well versed in the different application procedures and requirements. They can suggest changes that enable you to submit a personal statement that is in line with what master degree program admissions is looking for. The following is a sample of a personal statement for master’s program application:

“My intention to earn a master’s degree in civil engineering took almost 10 years to develop to the point was even aware of it. Now that I am aware of it I am determined to make it happen. I have worked in construction from the first job I ever held as a freshman in high school. That first job was as part time labor on construction site on weekends and during the summer months.

I completed my Business Management degree at Hometown University and continued working on construction sites on weekends and summers, learning a lot about the construction trade without intending to and quite honestly with no eye towards the future either in business or construction. College was something I was expected to do and I had to work for spending money.

After graduating college and earning my Bachelors in Business Management my first job was in construction. It was a position in purchasing gained through a referral from my last employer. After several months the company owner noticing my familiarity was more with the constructing aspects than purchasing offered me a supervisor’s position provided I was able to pass the contractors exam. I have worked for the same company five years, during which I finally developed some career goals. Our company landed some larger jobs some which I wasn’t qualified to supervise and I developed a desire to build really large things that require knowing much more than I do now.

A business degree doesn’t prepare you well for many prerequisites needed for a graduate degree in civil engineering. For the past two years I have been attended night school to acquire the necessary mathematics and science prerequisites for the civil engineering program. It has also enabled me to adapt myself to once more attending school. I strongly believe that I have the ability to complete your program successfully and thank you for considering my application.”

Our editorial services are available for any type of personal statement. Master degree program applicants can select from a variety of personal statement services that will best suit their needs.

personal statement master

Using Our Personal Statement Master Service Is Easy

Applying to graduate programs can be stressful so in order to make the process as simple as possible for you our personal statement checking service offers the following benefits:

  • Catering to our customers’ needs that always meets the agreed deadline
  • Mild prices that will satisfy even the modest pocket
  • Confidential data about the client and order details kept in secret
  • Support representatives accessible for a callback or e-mail request 24/7

For a personal statement master, contact us and submit a top quality personal statement that makes you stand out from the crowd!

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